What’s In A Trainer’s Bag

Hello Trainers!

Today is Pokémon’s 21st birthday, so i thought i’d give you guys an extra peek into the life of an observer and photographer of pocket monsters. These are the absolute essentials when preparing a backpack before an adventure:

Binoculars – Especially for those sneaky flying and bug types in the trees!
Notebook – Somewhere to quickly jot down specs and certain behaviours of wild Pokémon.
Pokéballs – Ya know, just incase.
Pokédex – For when you’re having a “whose that Pokémon?!” moment, Dex has your back.
Umbrella – Never trust the weatherman.
Camera Gear – I have a backup camera body and my main (pictured) but usually only need the one unless you’re having to switch from lens to lens at crazy speeds to get that perfect shot, then two bodies is preferred. I keep a fixed close range and a telephoto lens on deck at all times.
Snacks, lots of snacks – Uhhh, being a Pokémon trainer is hungry work.. be sure to prepare. >_>

Side Note: The little fluffy addition is a lucky Eevee tail i got from the Pokémon Center, no Eevee’s were harmed in the making of this little bag accessory 🙂
Pokéballs from speciality shops here in Australia like EB Games/Zing
Small binder notebook from Daiso + Pokémon Go Plus (click here)
Kalos Pokédex + Pokéball Umbrella from Zing (click here)

Well now you’re set, be safe on your journey fellow trainers and continue to catch ’em all!


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