#151 Mew

Location: Springbrook, Gold Coast.
Time: 7:00-13:00

I was down on the southern end of the Coast quite early in the morning running errands so i decided the night before to pack a bag and detour up the mountain before heading back home. I started the Twin Falls Circuit (4km) with Canyon Lookout being my base at about 7:30am, it appeared i was the first person on the trail because a lot of large trees were blocking paths from a storm the night before. Activate kitty climb mode!

This trip was so magical, the light shot through the trees in a completely different tone and vibe to when i usually do the drive up during midday to late afternoon and there was so much wildlife with the lack of human activity. Little did i know all this contributed to a certain mythical surprise later in the circuit…

Trainer Tip: Keep some salt in your backpack, i learnt this the hard way when leeches decided to be fond of my legs even in the dry zones of the hike.. regardless of my suitable clothing. 😥 


Usually a popular picnic destination, was strange to see it so quiet. Apple Tree Park, Springbrook.


Canyon Lookout, Springbrook.
Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook.
#001 Bulbasaur
The first waterfall on the circuit after check point.


Someone or something had formed all these rock stacks underneath the waterfall. There were at least 10 around the first fall, several along the way and more in the cave zone. I’m a clumsy human i honestly didn’t do these, legitimately spooked me. 


#470 Leafeon


The mythical Pokémon appeared!

#151 Mew

ミュウ Myuu

Region: Kanto
Type: Psychic
Height: 0.40m
Evolution: None
Possible Moves: Pound, Reflect Type, Psychic, Barrier, Ancient Power, Me First, Amnesia, Transform, Nasty Plot, Mega Punch, Baton Pass, Metronome, Aura Sphere.

Mew is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. It is capable of making itself completely invisible at will, it appears only to those people who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to see it.




One thought on “#151 Mew

  1. Good heavens. I love love love the feel of this post. So magical and misty! The fact nobody was around makes it even more amazing. And no doubt thats the reason you encountered Mew! 😍😍

    Love this so much Lau 😭😭😭😭


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